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The Top 5 Reasons Older Adults Prefer a Luxury Independent Living Community

The Top 5 Reasons Older Adults Prefer a Luxury Independent Living Community

Senior friends enjoying a meal outdoors at the Elkhorn luxury independent living
June 14, 2023

When looking at different senior living communities, you are probably quick to realize that there are a multitude of options out there. It can be difficult to narrow down which one is best for you and your needs. However, if independent living is what you’re looking for, then you want to opt for a community that prioritizes luxury and offers a wealth of amazing amenities that reflect that. Here at Symphony Pointe, our Elkhorn luxury independent living community is truly top of the line.

If you aren’t sure if luxury independent living is right for you, we’ve taken the time to outline just a few of the key reasons that our residents love our community. Continue reading to get all the details!

Reason #1: Opportunity to Make New Friends

Prior to retiring, you likely didn’t have ample free time to spare. Between raising a family and climbing the ladder at work, your social life undoubtedly took a seat on the back burner. Now that you are headed into your golden years, however, there is no better time to connect with others and make new friends. 

When you transition to a senior living community, you aren’t just moving into a new apartment. Rather, you are truly integrating into an active, thriving community. Here, you can meet others your own age, participate in any number of activities, and enjoy fun and vibrant social spaces. Enjoy a delicious meal together, take a walk on our beautiful grounds, or sign up for a group fitness class. Either way, you are sure to connect with others and create lasting, lifelong friendships.

Reason #2: Enjoy Resort Style Amenities

If you want to feel like you are living each and every day at a luxury, five star hotel, then our Elkhorn luxury independent living is for you. We have a wealth of resort-style amenities that our residents can enjoy, including:

Wavelength Pool

Spending time in the water is incredibly good for senior health. A few of the most noteworthy benefits include that it is a good cardio workout, it can help relieve joint pain and body aches, as well as serve as a great social activity. Our Wavelength pool is perfect for those who want to casually swim laps, take a water aerobics class, or simply enjoy a dip in the water.

Movement Gym

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit your exercise routine! Our Movement Gym makes it easier than ever to work out on our own schedule. Enjoy using cardio and free weights during your visit. Or, you can sign up for one of our many group fitness classes!

Tranquillo Spa

When you think of luxury, what else comes to mind? Do you perhaps picture yourself getting a massage or indulging in a restorative facial? If so, then a trip to our Tranquillo Spa is a must! As a resident of our Elkhorn luxury independent living community, you can make massages and facials a regular part of your wellness routine.

Bel Canto Salon

Everyone deserves to visit a quality salon for the perfect haircut. Not only will it boost your confidence, but it will help you to showcase your personality and style. Both men and women are welcome at our Bel Canto Salon where they can receive services from a licensed and friendly salon professional. 

Reason #3: Live in a Luxury Apartment

A common misconception about senior living is that the community is bland and the building is outdated. Here at Symphony Pointe, however, this could not be further from the truth! Independent living residents have several apartment floor plans to choose from, allowing you to select which option and layout suits your taste and needs the best. 

Beautiful natural lighting, full kitchens, in-apartment laundry, walk-in closets, and expansive patios and decks are just a few of the features that await you at Symphony Pointe. Whenever you take a tour of our community, you will get to see our beautiful, luxury apartments first hand. 

Reason #4: Pursue Your Interests

Once again, life prior to retirement probably had you pretty busy. It is very likely that you had little time for your hobbies and longed for the free time necessary to pursue them. If that’s the case for you, retirement is the time to embrace your interests and explore new outlets and activities! The right independent living community will foster this pursuit by offering residents different classes, outings, and other activities.

When you become a Symphony Pointe resident, you will find that life enrichment activities are a staple of what we do. We encourage all of our residents to live life at full volume and participate in many of our enrichment offerings, including educational classes, group fitness courses, arts and crafts, outings to local parks and recreation centers, trips to sporting events, and so much more! 

Reason #5: Experience Truly Carefree Living

Last but certainly not least, if you want to experience truly carefree living, then moving to Symphony Pointe is for you. Our Elkhorn luxury independent living community strives to make our residents’ lives as easy as possible by offering high quality services essential to helping you kick back, relax, and indulge in all that your golden years have to offer. Some of our best features include concierge services, chef-prepared meals, resort-style amenities, and so much more! By utilizing these services and amenities, you can truly focus on getting the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Symphony Pointe: The Premiere Elkhorn Luxury Independent Living

Don’t sit on the sideline any longer – the time to embrace retirement to its fullest is now! Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful community or to book a time to tour one of our model rooms. With our community opening very soon, you can expect that new friends, amazing amenities, excellent services, and a luxury apartment waiting for you!