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6 Ways Our Elkhorn Luxury Independent Living Community Helps You Focus on Happy, Healthy Aging

6 Ways Our Elkhorn Luxury Independent Living Community Helps You Focus on Happy, Healthy Aging

A senior couple going for a walk around their Elkhorn luxury independent living community
October 5, 2023

When you make the decision to move to a senior living community, you want to find somewhere that will truly help you focus on making your golden years as happy and exciting as possible. In addition to this, your health and well-being should also be a top priority. Here at our Elkhorn luxury independent living community, you don’t have to choose between the two! Our primary goal is creating an environment where you can both flourish and truly have fun.

This might leave you wondering how we accomplish it all! Today, we’ve compiled a list of ways that Symphony Pointe can bring you the independent senior living experience that you truly deserve. Continue reading to learn more about our community as well as get information on how you can become a resident!

1. Splendid Spaces for Luxury Living

When you are an active person, you need plenty of room to participate in all of your favorite exercises and activities. Here at Symphony Pointe, we have taken the measures to make that happen! Explore and bask in the elegance of our 20,000 square feet of exquisite common space, where every corner is a blend of comfort and luxury. Designed meticulously for active seniors, our Elkhorn luxury independent living community not only echoes grandeur but also ensures that each amenity fosters your wellness and joy.

2. Embrace Wholesome Wellness

Navigating through the terrains of physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social wellness is of the utmost importance as an older adult. Having all of these points in check allows you to truly be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself possible. We at Symphony Pointe have made it a point to establish a haven where every resident is empowered to tread a path that nourishes their holistic wellbeing, whether through our LifeCycles philosophy or individual pursuits.

3. Socialize and Connect

Did you know that socializing is an essential part of ensuring your health and well-being? All too often, older adults become isolated and withdrawn. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as feeling disconnected from the world. Isolation can then lead to a myriad of health issues, such an increased risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety, and more. Moving to a senior living community can help prevent this from happening. 

Here at Symphony Pointe, we strive to make socialization a part of everything we do! Here are just a few of our favorite amenities that encourage you to stay connected:

Player’s Game Room

Whether it’s a friendly game of pool, shuffleboard, poker, or enjoying a leisurely drink by the fireside during a big game on our large screens, the Players Game Room is where fun, friendships, and memories are crafted in style.

Bocce Ball and Pickleball Courts

Do you love staying active? Want to learn a new sport and make new friends? If so, then head on down to our bocce ball or pickleball courts! These fun, senior-friendly games serve a dual role of helping you to stay in shape while also socializing with other residents. 

Pet-Friendly Community

Here at our Elkhorn independent living community, we understand that pets are a special part of your family. You shouldn’t have to leave your beloved cat or dog behind when you transition to senior living. Pets also play a significant role in helping you to stay active and social! That is why we offer our residents pet-friendly walking paths within our community, meaning that you can take Spot out for a walk and also meet new friends for you both. 

A senior woman and her dog sit on a sofa together

4. Convenience at Your Fingertips

Essential market items and delicious drink options aren’t something you should have to leave the comfort of the community to find. Imagine having the ease of grabbing essentials at Presto Market without stepping outside or sipping a delightful pre-dinner drink at The Encore Bar, where not only exquisite drinks but also exclusive wine storage is at your disposal. This is just one of the many ways that we provide convenience wrapped in luxury! In fact, we believe that this level of convenience should be an essential part of your daily life at our Elkhorn luxury independent living community.

5. Multi-Purpose Harmony and Creative Escapade 

Retirement should be all about doing the things you love. While you were working or raising a family, you likely didn’t have time to dedicate to your hobbies or to cultivate new interests. Here at Symphony Pointe, however, we believe that there is no time like the present for getting creative and truly enjoying life! 

From hosting events in Harmony, our multi-purpose space, to unleashing your creativity in The Artisan Activity Room, Symphony Pointe ensures your days are sprinkled with varied flavors of activities, leisure, and creativity, facilitating a balanced and enriched lifestyle. Long gone are the days where your schedule is packed with a rotating to-do list of chores and errands. 

6. Enjoy the Fresh Air

Being able to spend ample time outdoors is an integral part of keeping up on your health, regardless of your age. The fresh air is extremely beneficial for raising spirits, improving the immune system, and decreasing feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. Here at Symphony Pointe, we have taken all the right measures to ensure that our residents can enjoy being outdoors, regardless of their interests. 

With an outdoor kitchen and grill station, a fire pit with ample seating, a pickleball court, bocce ball court, a patio adorned with chaise lounges, pet-friendly walking paths, and a raised bed planter for those with a green thumb, our outdoors is a vibrant canvas of activities. This means that your physical wellness is catered to with a dollop of fun and freshness.

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At Symphony Pointe, every amenity, every space, and every activity is meticulously curated, ensuring that our residents live their golden years enveloped in luxury, wellness, and hearty social connections. Let the melody of healthy, happy aging play blissfully in our Elkhorn luxury independent living community, where every note strikes a chord of vibrant, luxurious living.

If you are interested in becoming a resident of Symphony Pointe, contact us today! Allow us to show you what it means to marry health and entertainment together in a truly unique, holistic senior living experience.