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Our Best Advice for Making Friends at Your New Senior Living Community

Our Best Advice for Making Friends at Your New Senior Living Community

July 21, 2023

People of all ages enjoy making and having friends, but it seems to be easier to make friends at a younger age. When in school, classes are a built-in way to meet others your age and with similar interests. Once you are working and have your own children, you are around others with similar interests on a daily basis as well. However, when you are older, it is not always as easy to make new friends, but it is just as important and rewarding to do so. 

Why are friends important for older adults?

Loneliness and the feelings of isolation that often come with it pose serious threats of both mental and physical illness for senior adults. Research has indicated that it may even affect life expectancy in the same way as smoking, obesity and lack of exercise can. Individuals who are isolated also have higher levels of heart disease and dementia, anxiety and depression. 

The National Council on Aging specifically says social isolation puts older adults at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death. The effects can be immense.

Let’s look at some advice for making friends in a living community and finding the best senior living in Elkhorn. There are many ways Symphony Pointe can assist you in the next step to a new and rewarding life!

Advice for Making Friends

#1) Ask for an introduction

One of the nice situations about being at a community residence is you have a staff and, most likely, an activity director who can help you meet others if you are having trouble doing so on your own. If you have found meeting people difficult or you’re just shy, mention it to them and they can help you out with introductions. 

#2) Take walks

If it is not natural for you to be social, you may want to do something as simple as taking walks around the residence–both inside and out. This gives you an opportunity to interact with others with a simple hello or smile in a relaxed setting, which could lead to much more. You could invite others to join you along the way, and acquaintances may become friends as you get to know them more fully. 

Symphony Pointe has activities inside and out that offer opportunities to interact with others, and exploring these areas can lead to new friends and interesting new ideas for how you spend your own time

#3) Help out other new residents

Since you can remember how it feels to be at a new home, one of the things you can do to make new friends is help out other residents who are new to your community. You can watch for newcomers, and then take the time to introduce yourself and show them around the place. 

You might talk about your favorite spots or community areas and the activities you have enjoyed most. Another thing that could help is making sure they know about any specific services offered at the senior living community. You could offer to go with them to new activities they would like to try or introduce them to new residents who you already know. 

Symphony Pointe offers the best staff for senior living in Elkhorn, and we would be delighted for you to introduce new residents to our staff, so they would take advantage of all the amenities we offer.

#4) Participate in activities

Most senior living communities offer a wide range of social activities for their residents to keep them entertained and active. Engaging in these activities is the best way to make friends at your new home. Check out the calendar of events and try out a few each week to find what you enjoy most.

At Symphony Pointe, we have resort-style options for your enjoyment . These include a game room with shuffleboard, pool and other games; an activity room for creative projects; a gym and a spa. There are also outdoor games, walking paths, patios with lounge chairs for relaxing and visiting, and a garden with raised beds to enjoy. 

Senior group enjoy meal together at the best senior living in elkhorn

#5) Make meals an event

Delicious meals are always most enjoyable when engaging in them with friends. You can do this in a couple of different ways. If you see a person or group with space at their table, you can ask to join them. Or, you can invite others to join you for meals. You could even do this during your walk during the day, setting up a time for lunch or dinner with a group of people you encounter as you walk. Eating with others is a wonderful way to get to know them better while you visit. 

We have a variety of dining options for you at Symphony Pointe to help make your meal experience memorable! We have an upscale dining room, a more casual dining room, and even outdoor dining, so you can decide on the experience you would like for you and your friends as you dine, visit, and get to know one another better. There is simply nothing better than making new friends and getting to know people better over a meal. 

Symphony Pointe Offers the Best Senior Living at Elkhorn!

Research done by the Mayo Clinic indicates that adult friendships increase your sense of belonging and purpose, as well as increasing happiness and reducing stress levels. In addition, having good friends when you are a senior adult can encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits or make new positive ones that can enhance your life. 

These are all incredible reasons for you to become a resident at a senior living community like Symphony Pointe. If you are interested in the newest, luxury residential home for senior adults, contact us for more information now. We would love to show you our available apartments and the luxurious setting and resort-type amenities that await you when you make Symphony Pointe your new home!