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6 Ways to Stay Fit While at a Senior Living Community

6 Ways to Stay Fit While at a Senior Living Community

A happy senior man jogging around a park near the best senior living in Elkhorn
September 21, 2023

Staying fit and active is vital for individuals of all ages. If you’ve chosen the enriching environment of Symphony Pointe, you’re already one step closer to achieving a balanced lifestyle. Located in the beautiful midwest setting of Elkhorn, NE, Symphony Pointe offers an array of options that cater to different dimensions of wellness—physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social.

That being said, are you curious about the benefits of staying active as you age? Do you need more information on unique ways you can stay fit after moving to a senior living community? If so, then you will want to keep reading!

The Benefits of Staying Active for Seniors

Staying active is not just about maintaining physical fitness; it’s about enhancing your overall quality of life. An active lifestyle can offer a plethora of benefits for older adults:

Improved Physical Health: 

Exercise helps in better blood circulation, strengthens the heart, and improves your overall physical well-being. This is paramount to ensuring that you’re leading the highest quality of life possible. 

Mental Wellness: 

Physical activity releases endorphins, which act as natural mood lifters. They help in reducing stress and improving mental well-being.

Enhanced Social Interaction: 

Group activities provide an excellent opportunity for socializing, thus fulfilling the social dimension of wellness.

Better Sleep: 

Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep, providing you with better rest overall.

Increased Independence: 

Physical wellness contributes to your ability to perform daily activities with minimal assistance, enhancing your sense of independence. This is especially valuable for residents of independent senior living in Elkhorn, NE.

By staying active, you’re not just doing your body a favor but your mind and spirit as well. At Symphony Pointe, whether you’re a resident of assisted living, memory care, or independent senior living in Elkhorn, NE, we provide ample opportunities to help you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy these benefits.

The Best Ways to Stay Fit at Senior Living

Now that you have a little bit of background knowledge on why you should stay active, let’s delve into the ‘how’. Here at the best senior living in Elkhorn, we pride ourselves on the many great amenities and accommodations we have available to all of our residents. 

Today we’ve compiled just a few of our favorite suggestions:

1. Dive into the Swimming Pool

Swimming is an excellent way for seniors to exercise without putting too much strain on their joints. Whether you’re a resident of assisted living, memory care, or independent senior living in Elkhorn, NE, we encourage swimming as it helps you to focus on your physical wellness. Plus a dip in the pool is always refreshing! 

Here at Symphony Pointe, we are proud to offer our residents access to the Wavelength Pool. This beautiful, state of the art pool allows year round access to the healing and restorative benefits of swimming. Dive in, take a few laps, or even sign up for one of our incredible aerobics courses. Either way, the Wavelength Pool is a favorite among our residents. 

2. Strike a Pose with Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way to combine physical activity with mindfulness, benefiting both your body and spirit. At Symphony Pointe, we understand the importance of multi-dimensional wellness and offer a wide variety of yoga classes led by incredible instructors. Whether you are a total beginner or yoga is an integral part of your fitness journey already, you are sure to find a class that meets your needs. Also, all ranges of flexibility are welcome, too! 

A smiling senior woman holding a yoga mat and getting ready for class

3. Keep Walking and Keep Talking

Walking is among the most underrated forms of exercise, yet it’s highly effective and less strenuous on the body. Take a stroll around the beautiful grounds of our senior living in Elkhorn to enjoy both social and physical benefits. Now that the beautiful fall weather is upon us here in the Midwest, getting out and walking is all the more enjoyable. Pack along a picnic basket, water bottles, and a camera to make a whole afternoon of it!

4. Personalized Wellness with LifeCycles

For residents of assisted living and memory care, Symphony Pointe offers access to LifeCycles, Agemark’s trademark wellness philosophy. If you are enjoying independent senior living in Elkhorn, NE, you have the choice to make wellness an individual pursuit or join the LifeCycles program. Whatever wellness means to you, LifeCycles provides the tailored support you need.

5. Stimulate Your Mind with Intellectual Activities

Physical fitness goes hand-in-hand with intellectual wellness. Participate in book clubs, puzzles, or other mind-stimulating activities offered within the community. Exercising your brain is just as crucial as exercising your body, and at Symphony Pointe, you have numerous options for intellectual engagement.

6. Socialize to Optimize

Maintaining social connections is another key aspect of improving your overall sense of well-being. Engage in community activities or simply spend time catching up with neighbors. Symphony Pointe offers various events and gatherings, making it easy for residents to socialize and build lasting friendships. After all, one of the biggest draws of moving to a senior living community is the chance to connect and engage with the people around you. 

Your Wellness Haven in Elkhorn

Symphony Pointe is more than just a senior living Elkhorn community – it is a haven where you can achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in assisted living, memory care, or independent senior living in Elkhorn, NE, we are committed to supporting you in all four dimensions of wellness. Engage in physical activities like swimming and yoga or partake in intellectual and social opportunities; the choice is yours, and the support is ours to give.

To learn more about our beautiful new community or to schedule a time to take a tour, contact us today! We would be more than happy to show you all the incredible amenities and services that Symphony Pointe has to offer. These are your golden years, and you deserve to spend them as the happiest, healthiest version of yourself possible.