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Seniors and Exercise: 6 Benefits to Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Seniors and Exercise: 6 Benefits to Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

A senior couple laughing and smiling while riding bikes together
June 27, 2023

Regardless of your age, keeping an active lifestyle is extremely important for maintaining, and improving, your overall health. This includes every aspect of your wellbeing, including both mental and physical. While it may be more difficult to keep active, especially in the face of mobility concerns, there are still plenty of benefits participating in light to moderate exercise. Here at the best assisted living in Elkhorn, we encourage you to find ways to stay moving. 

That being said, you might be wondering what these benefits are. Below, we have compiled a number of reasons that will help motivate you to get your body moving! Continue reading to learn more:

#1.) Improve Your Heart Health

For many older adults, cardiovascular health can be a major concern. Issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of heart attack or stroke can all develop with age. While these can impact quality of life, there are a number of ways to prevent or slow these health concerns. Among the most common are eating a healthy diet and getting proper exercise. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and train for a marathon! But even light to moderate exercise a few times a week, including walking or swimming, can vastly improve your cardiovascular health.

#2.) Bolster Your Mental Health

Even after you have moved to the best assisted living in Elkhorn, it is only natural that you might encounter mental health issues. In fact, many Americans struggle every year with their mental health, including facing concerns with anxiety and depression. Seniors are no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, many older adults can encounter mental health concerns due to senior isolation or withdrawing, especially those facing limited mobility or cognitive decline. 

Exercise can be a great way to naturally improve your mental health! Whenever you exercise, your brain reduces feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins. These two work in tandem to brighten your mood and improve your overall outlook on life.

In addition to this, when you participate in group activities, such as an exercise class, you also reap the social benefits. If you are an older adult who has struggled to connect with others your own age, working out can be a wonderful way to make new friends and lessen feelings of depression and anxiety.

#3.) Better Quality of Sleep

If there is one thing that can put a damper on your health, it’s a consistent lack of sleep. Sure, having a bad night or two happens to everyone, but chronic sleep deprivation can have some serious negative effects. This includes a lowered immune system, increased irritability, and weight gain, to name a few. Combined together, these issues can do a number on your overall quality of life.

Does this sound like something you have faced before? If the answer is yes, consider working out just a few times a week. Anaerobic exercise has been shown to raise your body’s core temperature as you work out and then lower it once you’re done. This process helps to promote a better quality of sleep at night. Just be careful to not work out too close to bedtime or the adrenaline rush may keep you awake!

#4.) Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Senior obesity is a common concern especially for those who may have limited mobility. Extra weight can be detrimental to your overall health, including adding extra strain and stress to your joints as well as your heart. While you might not be able to be as active as you like, at least at first, there are still many great exercise options available. Swimming, walking, chair yoga, and riding a stationary bike are all excellent ways to stay active and reduce your body weight while simultaneously minimizing the stress on your body. 

Prior to starting a new exercise program, especially one targeted at weight loss, be sure to have a conversation with your doctor. He or she will be able to provide you with an individualized health plan that will help you to safely reach your wellness goals.

#5.) Increase Bone Strength

Senior adults, namely women above the age of 55, are at an increased risk of bone disease. Health issues such as osteoporosis can be particularly concerning. If you want to strengthen your bone density, exercise can be a great place to start. Your bones are made up of living tissues meaning that much like muscles, the more you work them, the stronger they get. When you create a consistent workout routine, you generate more cells and your bones become denser. If you are worried about falls or injuries, exercise could really help. 

#6.) Gain Natural Energy

Could you benefit from an extra boost of energy? Of course you could! While this resource can’t technically be bottled and sold, you can naturally gain energy by working out. Here at the best assisted living in Elkhorn, we encourage you to create a workout routine that suits you and your needs. Take your dog for a walk, join a friend at the pool, or participate in yoga class. Any of these options can all do wonders for improving your cognitive function as well as bolstering your fine motor skills. Even on the days you don’t feel up to it or are low on energy, try participating even just a few minutes. You are sure to get a rise in your spirits as well as your energy levels!

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