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The Top 6 Sports Seniors Should Try in Retirement

The Top 6 Sports Seniors Should Try in Retirement

2 senior woman outdoors enjoying yoga at independent living Elkhorn
August 14, 2023

Even though many people wouldn’t associate older adults with sports, the truth is that many seniors are active and healthy enough to play some sports well after their retirement. Sports are a tremendous way to continue the benefits of an active life and enjoy the connections that many provide with other people as well. 

When looking for the right sport or sports for you, consider your own abilities and the sports’ requirements, such as flexibility level, are they low impact, and do they have the social connection you desire. Achieving the right mix of these elements can best benefit your physical and mental health. 

Top providers of independent living in Elkhorn can provide opportunities for a variety of activities, and Symphony Pointe is a unique residence with resort-style living that offers an active and unique lifestyle for residents.


#1) Walking

Going on a walk may be the simplest form of exercise. You need zero equipment or expertise, and you can walk alone or with others, making it an ideal sport for seniors. It is low impact and the speed walked is completely in your control. 

However, as easy as it is, it is an excellent way to stay active and improve cardiovascular health, build bone health and maintain balance. Plus, you can always increase the challenge by walking more quickly, walking further, or taking your walk up inclines. 

#2) Yoga            

Yoga combines physical, mental and emotional wellness and has become increasingly popular for all ages. Since it can range from meditative and gentle to more rigorous, it is perfect for older adults who may need to alter some stances to better fit their needs. 

Like walking, yoga can be done however often you desire and at the level you choose. It improves your core strength and balance, and it reduces stress and can help you maintain a healthy state of mind. All of these benefits make it a perfect sport for seniors.

Since overall health is important at Symphony Pointe, like yoga’s philosophy we consider all four dimensions of wellness: physical, spiritual, intellectual and social. Our Life Enrichment Program encompasses both one-on-one and group activities as we work to meet individual needs, and many sports fit these for residents. 

#3) Swimming

Swimming is another sport that can be done individually or with others. You also have control of the level of challenge you want and how much you want to push yourself. Swimming is an excellent sport for seniors. It is low impact and exercises all of your muscle groups. 

Even seniors with mobility issues will not have to worry about falls, and those with arthritis or other joint issues can work their joints without pain. Swimming also helps with muscle mass, improves flexibility and balance, and provides aerobic benefits which can help seniors greatly. 

You can swim laps, enjoy water aerobics or simply take a dip in the pool at Symphony Pointe. It is just one of the many amenities we offer to meet your health needs.

Senior man swimming laps indoors at independent living Elkhorn

#4) Pickleball

Some games like tennis become too difficult for seniors to continue to play as they age; however, pickleball has differences in the game that make it a fun team sport for all ages. The pickleball court is smaller than tennis, so you will not work up quite the sweat as with other sports. In addition, you don’t have the same level of risk of injury. 

At Symphony Pointe we have a movement gym and a pickleball court for your active life, as well as numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. 

#5) Croquet                

Croquet is an excellent sport to get you outdoors and socializing. Many people have played golf in their earlier years, but they cannot now maintain quite that level of activity or stamina for a full game of golf. 

Croquet allows players to get outdoors and work with their hand-eye coordination in a similar manner. This sport also can improve flexibility and balance. Although croquet is not an intense workout, it does require problem-solving, so your mind gets a workout along with your body. 

#6) Bocce 

Bocce is another great game for seniors to play outdoors. Many consider it similar to horseshoes but played with balls, and it can be played by people of all ages making it a perfect game for the lawn of our independent living at Elkhorn while socializing with others.  

Playing bocce helps improve coordination and flexibility, as you enjoy your time outdoors. In addition, there is a light cardiovascular workout involved with the game, which is an added benefit. 

Research indicates the level of exercise can also relieve your stress and improve your mood. Being outside also adds to those benefits. All these reasons and the socialization the sport adds to the lifestyle at Symphony Pointe are all reasons we have a Bocce ball court available for our residents to enjoy! 

Reasons to take up a sport or continue to play one you’ve always enjoyed

Playing a sport and improving your skill in that sport builds confidence, so whether you are continuing to play one that you have enjoyed for years or taking up a new sport to find out if you enjoy it, this can build your confidence as you increase your skills. Each sport develops skills a bit differently from other ones, so playing a variety of ones and challenging yourself will bring new skills and growth to your body and mind. 

There is a mindfulness that keeps you in the moment when you are actively participating in a sport you enjoy, and that is good for your health. That level of focus on what you are doing can keep the worries of life at bay and allow you to simply be in the moment. 


As you can see, Symphony Pointe cares about the lifestyle you maintain when you move into independent living, and they offer numerous outdoor opportunities to keep you active. Our professional staff members realize residents have diverse interests, and we aim to provide you with activities you desire. At Symphony Point we offer choices as unique as you are!
If you would like to find out more about our resort-style residential living at Symphony Pointe, please contact us!